Амбассадор это посланник, несущий миссию.

Интернет- платформа и ресурс мультиспортивного развития/активного образа жизни #MixSport Владимира Кличко наделил Евгения и Константина Писаревых статусом Амбассадор- посланник.
Да, речь идет о спортивной миссии.
Не напрасно мы написали на своих знаменах слова, приведенные на фотках ниже, и можем повторить это еще раз:
We, the SP-Moto Group, are
professional road racing riders and motorsports experts
multiple champions and prize-winners of national
championships and international competitions
people living in this world
We definitely know how to shape and develop a personality
with a strong will by learning favourite subjects and doing your
daily work.
We are aimed at achieving goals and being successful.
We do not want to read in The Economist about Generation Z
which is considered to be weak-willed, dependent and
indifferent. We do not want to passively watch the unaddressed
problems and do nothing. We believe that living an active life as
motorsport you can prevent this.


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