Analysis of the postponed European Championships

The breakout of Covid-19 across Europe has created the need for the Uefa European Championships scheduled to begin on 12th June 2020 in Rome, Italy, to be postponed with the provisional date of the new tournament now set for the summer of 2021. 

Due to the European Championships being split across multiple nations in a ‘festival of football’ to celebrate the 60 years of the tournament, a notion put forward by former Uefa president Michel Platini. 

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Interview Jorge Viegas, FIM President

How do you live through the coronavirus crisis when you are the President of an International Sports Federation? Are we free to choose, what are the consequences? A 63-year-old economist and President of the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) since 2018, Jorge Viegas also mentioned doping concerns in an exclusive interview conducted by Jean-Claude Schertenleib, in Qatar last weekend

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MotoGP traction control: ‘Retarding and cutting’

MotoGP traction control: ‘Retarding and cutting’   MotoGP  Peter McLaren 3 Feb 2020 ‘If traction control is a mix of retarding and killing, anti-wheelie is a mix of retarding and throttle’ – Corrado Cecchinelli, MotoGP Director of Technology. MotoGP traction control has all-but-eradicated the brutal on-throttle highsides of the 500cc era, thus improving safety while allowing riders to tease the very limits of their tyres, for longer. But how does it work? While the obvious purpose of traction control is to stop wheelspin getting out of hand, some spin – perhaps as much…

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